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Under 10


Under 10's match report - 2nd March 2014 Noon Kick off

Panathinaikos Youth v West Herts Youth FC Stags

It was 2nd place v bottom of the table. Pana started off brightly keeping the ball well, knocking it around using only one or two touches. This lasted for about 10 minutes but something was missing, during this time we had no shots on goal and looked tired.
West herts had one brake and nearly scored then all of a sudden it was a different game west herts found confidence to drive forward and pana were under pressure.
The score was tied at 0-0 at the end of the first half.

The second half started as the 1st finished with west herts getting more and more confident, Pana were finding it difficult and it was long before west herts took the lead 0-1.
From kick off pana looked a little more determined and won a corner, zack placed the ball down as if it was a penalty, he curled the ball into the near post 1-1 back to level terms.
Pana were turning up the tempo and came close a few times in scoring until little costa riffled in a half volley from close range into the roof of the net to put pana 2-1 ahead.
West herts had different ideas and pilled on the pressure, pana were looking tired and unorganised not picking up their runners west herts pulled it back 2-2.
It was now end to end and both teams wanted to win, zack had a chance to put pana ahead when he cleverly nicked the ball from their full back but shot wide.
The final minute approached when west herts broke down the left and played a ball into the box, pana players were doing everything they could to prevent the shot and by throwing themselves at the ball they pulled down the west herts player giving away a penalty.
This was a nail biting moment, the player spotted the ball, as he approached the ball Panas keeper took a guess as to where the ball was going but unfortunately it was the wrong way and west herts scored 2-3.
that was the last kick of the game and pana had lost only their 2nd game of the season.

Its all about how the boys bounce back from that loss.

Man of the Match Ali and Louis


U10s match report - 23rd February 2014

Panathinaikos v Hinton & Finchley revolution
This was an important game for both teams who are sitting 2nd and 3rd in the league respectfully and are both chasing the leaders.
Having not played matches for over 2 months this was not a game we wanted to restart the league with.
Pana started the liveliest with only one thought on their minds, you could see the hunger and the desire to win this match.
The ball was being played around nicely and pana were keeping possession well, it was attack after attack and Hinton were sitting back and playing a counter attacking game.
You could sense a goal was coming, and it soon did. Ali won the ball on the half way line passed it forward to zack who was half way in their half, he turned and took it to his right, he then unleashed a curling shot from outside the box into the near post, the keeper stood no chance, pana went 1-0 up.
Straight from the kick off pana won the ball back and shot after shot near and far hitting the cross bar twice once from zack and the other from Ali. Alvin and Conner both came close Hinton’s keeper was playing out of his skin. Pana once won the ball in the middle this time it was zack, he passed it back to Louis who played a lovely left footed pass down the left wing for Alvin to pick up and run, taking on his player passed the ball across the bye line for conner to tap home, 2-0 pana.

2nd half
Hinton changed their keeper and played him on pitch, this really changed the game, pana were now pinned back and try to hold onto the lead. It was now the other way round pana playing the counter attacking football. Hinton were shotting from all angles and getting close, pana two were having chances but not converting them.
Hinton won a free kick outside the box slightly on the left, their player stepped up and he lifted the ball over the wall and planted one into the top of the goal. 2-1 game on.
Hinton again came close but for the heroics of panas keeper, take a close range shot straight into his face giving him a bloody lip.
Alvin broke free down the left for pana taking on 2 players but ran out of energy for the shot which was easily saved by the keeper.
Pana were pushed even further back for the final couple of minutes but hinton were unable to break panas defence down.
Final whistle 2-1.
Pana now move into 2nd place
Great performance by pana and a well-deserved win

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